In the ever-evolving landscape of typography, readability on backlit screens has become a significant challenge in the past decade. At Measure + Fit, we understand the intricate relationship between typography and technology. Our mission is to engineer your typographic designs into modern font formats with expert hinting, hardware development, and meticulous font finishing.


Our Unique Approach

Typography and technology must seamlessly integrate to deliver a legible and visually appealing reading experience. This integration requires the expertise of a typographic engineer who can bridge the gap between design and technical considerations. This is where our unique skillset comes into play.


Collaborating with your company's software engineers and designers, we ensure that typography is treated with utmost care from both a design and technical perspective. By entrusting us with this critical aspect of your project, your engineers and designers can focus on their core responsibilities, leading to the development of a superior product that overcomes potential challenges, including:





Expertise That Matters


Our expertise in this niche field stems from a strong foundation—a Bachelor of Science degree in New Media Publishing from the Rochester Institute of Technology. With seven years of experience in the font world and an additional eight years in the graphic arts, our founder brings a wealth of knowledge to the table.


Having studied under the guidance of Chuck Bigelow, a renowned designer of the Lucida font family and a 1982 MacArthur Fellow, our founder focused on areas such as type in use, legibility, semiotics, type design, and type history. Immediate post-graduation, they joined the Ascender Corporation, later acquired by Monotype Imaging—the world's largest foundry and supplier of font technology. Responsibilities included manual TrueType hinting, outline cleaning, error checking, and data finishing.


Now, at Measure + Fit, we offer consulting services for hardware and software applications to a diverse clientele, ranging from large companies like Fitbit to independent font designers.


Let's Work Together

Whether you're a large corporation or an independent font designer, Measure + Fit is here to be your all-around font nerd. We bring your project in line with strong design principles, efficient technology, clear legibility, and proper use. Let's collaborate to elevate your typographic designs and create a lasting impact.